Hi Tech Real Estate Presentations: Use Keynote For iPad

Use Keynote For Real Estate

If you pride yourself on being Hi-Tech, the first step is getting rid of anything paper. There is nothing worse than telling someone you know the latest technologies, and then hand them your presentation which is a 15 pages, stapled together inside of a branded folder. That is SOOO 1980s. You never get a...
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Use Craigslist To Generate Real Estate Leads

Craigslist For Real Estate Professionals

If you have plenty of leads to work, then you probably don’t want to read this post. If, however, you are always looking to add more leads to your pipeline, you may want to give Craigslist a shot. Craigslist, like anything else, is one of the things where if you don’t commit to using...
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Real Estate Agents: Use Video Marketing To Stand Out Above The Competition

Video Marketing For Real Estate Agents

Most agents are afraid of video. Either they don’t know how, think it is expensive, or are afraid that it won’t work. According to Darin Persinger, founder of Productivity Junkies, 73% of homeowners would be more likely to list with agents using video than those who don’t, but only 8% of agents actually use...
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Adding Images/Photos To Your WordPress Real Estate Website

Wordpress For Real Estate

Welcome to WordPress Wednesdays! Since most real estate agents and real estate professionals who do their own website are on WordPress (and most of the website builders for real estate out there use WordPress as their foundation), I wanted to implement a weekly WordPress tip or trick. So there you have it: WordPress Wednesday!...
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Calls To Action Are A Must For Real Estate Agents

Calls To Action For Real Estate

Is your website generating leads for you? One of the biggest reasons that most real estate websites don’t generate leads is because real estate agents don’t use effective calls to action. You do know what a call to action is, right? A call to action is a strategically planned message that encourages a reader...
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Real Estate Email Marketing Revamped: Happy Grasshopper

Happy Grasshopper Email Marketing For Real Estate

In October of last year, I was fortunate enough to attend Xplode Conference in Dallas. One of the biggest take aways from that conference (and there were many) was Happy Grasshopper. Happy Grasshopper is a form of email marketing that is unlike any other because it is NOT marketing. It is simply designed to...
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Make Your Real Estate Website iPad Friendly With OnSwipe

Make Your Real Estate Website iPad Friendly With OnSwipe

I recently learned about OnSwipe in an article on Inman Next. It was a huge “AHA!” for me. A few quick facts for you: Over 50% of local searches are being done on a mobile device 20% of all mobile and tablet browsing is done on an iPad. 40% of mobile users prefer using...
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How To Create A New Listing In Open Home Pro (iPad)

Open Home Pro Listing Example

The other day I wrote an article about Open Home Pro and why it was such a great tool for open houses. I mentioned that I would show you how to create a new listing in Open Home Pro in another post. Since then, I have been hounded by people to get this post...
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Feed Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn With TwitterFeed

Twitter Feed Logo

If you are serious about blogging on your real estate website, then you need to get your content out to the people that it is important to: Your clients and your sphere of influence. Unless you have a faithful following that checks your website on a regular basis (not likely), you need to get...
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Technology and Snail Mail Collide: SendOutCards


Have you been looking for a better way to do a traditional mailing? Tired of licking envelopes, sticking stamps, and addressing envelopes for hours upon hours or paying someone else to do it? Your solution is SendOutCards The program is online. You can log in to the system from where ever you are at...
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