Are You Making The Real Estate Market Or Subject To It?

April 6, 2012

In real estate, you can either make the market or be subject to the market. If you don’t know what the difference is, you really need to check out this awesome “Mindset Monday” video from Kevin Kaufman and Fred Weaver.

If you are making the market, congratulations.

If you are subject to the market, you don’t have to be. One of my favorite quotes from that video is “I’m not participating in this recession.” If you find the market is affecting your business, then perhaps you need to look at ways to modify and tweak your business and your marketing in order to remain successful during a shifting market.

Ask yourself two questions:

First question: WHY SHOULD A SOMEONE CALL YOU TO BUY OR SELL A HOME? Is it because your customer service is great? Because you are a top agent? Because you have lived in that area for 20 years? Because you are a professional in that niche?

The second question is: HOW TO THEY KNOW THIS? Do you expect them to go through 200+ pages on your website to realize that you know what you are talking about?

Video is an amazing marketing tool and lets consumers get to know you and get comfortable with your personality and techniques. They can get a much better idea of what your value proposition is and what you will bring to the table when they call you to help them purchase or list a home.

Kevin and Fred just documented their entire video process and you can purchase over 3 hours (broken down into multiple 10-30 min videos for the ADD in all of us)of video along with quite a few bonuses for $99. It is called Video Marketing Madness, but it is only available at this price until Sunday 3/8/12. This is NOT an affiliate link and I’m not being paid to promote this. I bought the system just like everyone else by going to that same link. I’m a huge proponent of free and saving money where ever possible, but I’ve been watching all morning and think it was money well spent. The video series answers these questions:

  • How do I get started with video marketing?
  • What equipment should I use for video marketing?
  • What the heck can I talk about?
  • Who really cares about my videos?
  • How can I get people to watch my videos?
  • What else is video marketing good for in real estate?

If you are interested in video marketing, but never knew how to get started, then I recommend checking out this real estate video marketing system.

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